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In day to-day life we mostly come across the spinal issues due to sedentary life styles like unhealthy foods, bad posture& stress

According to Ayurveda the neck and back pain occur due to vitiation of vatha. We are providing a special back and neck care programme which is mainly focused on strengthing and nourishing the muscle and bone tissues through traditional ayurvedic treatments , with internal medications and yoga.


a) Abyangam & swedhanam :medicated oil massage & herbal steam bath

b) Kizhi: bundle of medicated leaves or herbal powder applied all over the body which help to remove pain, swelling .

c) Pizhichil :

d) Greeva vasthi – Specialized Ayurvedic treatment in which warm medicated oil is retained inside an herbal paste boundary over the neck region. This is very useful to maintain the structure and movements of the neck

e) Kadi Vasthi: Here medicated lukewarm oil retained in herbal paste over low back region, which help to improve circulation , remove the pain &stiffness and also strength the bones

f) Njavara : strengthens the area.

g) Yoga: Therapeutic Yogic asanas will be taught which helps to avoid the reoccurrence.


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