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Medical Tourism in Kerala – Challenges,Scope and Advantage

Kerala is one of the most popular perfect destinations for Health and Medical Tourism in the country and is named as one of the ten paradises of the world.Kerala is unique in the world tourism map for its natural beauty and cultural heritage. Apart from nature and culture, Kerala has a unique opportunity in the area of medical tourism. Kerala has its traditional medical systems like Ayurveda, Siddha, Naturopathy, Panchakarma, Kalari, etc. which have attracted patients from different parts of the world.

Along with this, the Modern medicine has also got a high relevance in the Medical Tourism space because of the low cost and compatibility of the medical systems with the developed countries. People from different countries faced with excessive fees for medical procedures such as cardiac surgery, dentistry and cosmetic surgery in their home countries, patients from the West and the Middle East have begun looking at India and Kerala in particular. There are a number of specialty hospitals in Kerala that offer specialized care for complex medical conditions. The quality of health care offered by the doctors, nurses and support staff, make medical tourism in Kerala a preferred choice of patients seeking healthcare solutions in India.

Advantages of Medical Tourism:

  1. Employment Opportunities: Health Tourism provides employment opportunity for local people. The tourism industry is growing very rapidly in India employing millions of people.
  2. Growth of Service Sector: Service sector engaged in tourism sector get the most out of tourism sector. A large number of businesses engaged in the service sector such as airlines, hotel, surface transportation, etc. grows with the growth of tourism industry.
  3. Foreign Exchange earning: Many tourist destinations attract a good number of foreign tourists. This helps the country earn foreign exchange.
  4. Recreation: Travel based recreation provides relief from the monotony of daily routine. A change in place and climate helps a traveler to recharge his mind, body, and spirit.
  5. Economic growth: Tourism helps in the development of the economy of a country. It helps in the overall GDP development of a country. It helps the local people to earn their livelihood. The tourists spend lavishly during vacation. The local people engaged in assisting the tourists earn a good income.
  6. Cultural exchange: Tourism gives the opportunity to people of various cultures to assimilate together. People belonging to various cultures meet together and understand cultures each other. This gives them an opportunity to build respect for each other. Hence, it fosters cultural harmony.

The season never ends in Kerala, thanks to the year-long moderate climate and numerous festivals and events.

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