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Ayurveda For Health

The growing significance of Ayurveda in our life

Thanks to its amazing therapeutic values, Ayurveda is gaining more and more significance in our life. It’s not just that the Ayurveda is rooted on an age old proven tradition, but also it addresses the holistic concept of the human body. Since time immemorial, it is believed that the herbs used in Ayurveda could cure many ailments or illness that even our modern medicines do not have any effect. Herbs do play a vital part in Ayurveda and their availability is restricted to some geographical regions; which is why the practice is not so common in all parts of the world. The medicinal properties of each herb and the perfect blend of it with other herbs make every treatment unique in Ayurveda. Most interestingly, treatments differ from person to person.

Ayurveda is all about the perfect harmony of mind, body and spirit. Ayurvedic medicine is based on three doshas, namely Vata, Pita and Kapha and the treatments are devised in such a way to address the issue of imbalance in beforementioned three energies. As the meaning of Ayurveda itself suggests that it’s ‘ Science of Life’, it aims to help people to live long and healthy- and in that regard, medicine play a little role too. Ayurveda is all about embracing a lifestyle that makes you feel great, inside and out.
The combination of Yoga and meditation, along with ayurvedic medicines and practices has been proven helpful to cure ailments and bring in a positive overall change for any individual. The result may not be this great, if it wouldn’t have been the combination of a balanced healthy diet, lifestyle changes, stress relief and herbs.

Here are some of habits that Ayurveda emphasize for better result. If we can follow it and make it a practice, the results that we are going to get is more than expected.

  1. Sound sleep
  2. Appropriate de-toxification practices
  3. Body massage
  4. Regular physical exercises
  5. Yoga and meditation
  6. Balanced diet
  7. Adequate drinking of fluids
  8. Avoiding anxiety, anger and stress
  9. A healthy social and personal life.
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