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The Journey To A Healthier You

Noona Health Tours, the name synonymous to world class cost effective treatments, now offers you a unique experience to explore the mesmerizing beauty and diverse cultural heritage of Kerala state while and after you undergo the treatment with our networked hospitals.

It all starts with a journey to Kerala- the land of varied landscapes, situated in the South of India. Often termed as God’s Own Country, this beautiful state is the perfect destination for Health and Medical Tourism. Thanks to the state-of-the-art hospitals that offer treatments and well experienced medical professionals who are culturally responsive and globally adaptive, Kerala is now one of the sought-after places when it concerned with Health Tourism. Little wonder that a single visit to this tranquil state will help to write one of the best stories of your life. That too, on a happier note!

What We Offer

Dental Treatment

Preventive & Diagnostic Care such as Oral Exams, Cleanings and X-Rays. The treatments include Basic Restorative Care and Major Restorative care of teeth. Whatever be your requirement, we have the ideal treatment plan for you in collaboration with best of the specialists hospitals in Kerala.

Wellness Therapy

ayurvedic treatment

Sessions for detoxification, de-stress, overall improvement of immunity and health,(Rejuvenate your mind with the perfect combination of professional therapy, yoga, meditation, de-stress & detoxifying therapy sessions etc.)

Ayurveda Treatments

ayurvedic treatment in kerala

Ayurveda treatment involves usage of natural products which ultimately results in permanent cure.Each intake is specific to individual physical capacity and need.We typically focus to weight reduction, pain relievers, skincare etc.

Mental Health


Mental health is vital for a better life. At Noona, we understand the importance of attaining a mental health synonymous to serenity, so our focus is towards your Overall Mental Wellness. We have special packages that will help you to rejuvenate your mind with the perfect combination of professional therapy, yoga, meditation, de-stress & detoxifying therapy sessions etc.”

Tours And Travels

We offer carefully planned itineraries to relax and explore Kerala while and after your treatment. The idea of synchronizing serene environment with state-of-the-art treatment facilities is to maximize the effectiveness of the treatment methods. Also, it is proven that one’s body responds well to the treatments, given the conditions provided are congenial by all aspects. And the happiness is doubled as you are going to spend less money for a hassle-free experience all the way.

Treatment in Kerala Vs Europe

  1. For the cost of undergoing a dental treatment in Europe (For e.g.. Dental Implant), you can have the treatment plus leisure holidays package in Kerala (Airfare Inclusive)
  2. No delays in treatment when compared to months of waiting queue in the continent.
  3. Ayurveda – the alternative medicine system being practiced for centuries in the world, focus on the holistic care of an individual, rather than symptom based treatments.
  4. Individual attention is being given while you are in Kerala. Noona will make sure that every second of your visit turn out to be a cherished one.

Why Noona And How It Helps You

tourist destination
  1. Quality healthcare with less cost involvement
  2. Hassle-free Procedures – Leave the worries of finding the best hospital or doctor. We are partnered with multi-specialty hospitals of high repute.
  3. Legal agreements with treatment facilities to safeguard your health information
  4. Free on-call / video initial assessment with the doctor who will be treating you
  5. Hospitals with resort-like atmosphere (eg- river front, lakeside) for the ultimate rejuvenation experience
  6. Complimentary yoga sessions.
  7. Completely customized journeys based on the treatment requirements. Journeys are planned to let to experience the best of both – treatment and enjoy mesmerizing Kerala. Our guests will get an opportunity to relish the unique village lives of the state – viz, its festivals, culinary sessions and some spectacular journeys to unwind yourself in the beauty of nature

What Clients Say About Our Partner Hospitals

Rajan Mathew, USA


Shirley and myself were at this facility for 10 Days. We picked this place based on users reviews. We are very satisfied with the treatment and I am intending to recommend to all my friends about this place when I return to USA soon.

Rajan Mathew

Галина Тарасова, Russia

After spending two weeks of Ayurvedic treatment for my back pain, neck pain and allergic breathing problems, I came to know the effectiveness of Ayurvedic treatment in improving my health. I am grateful to Dr. Manoj and his supporting staffs to provide me such an excellent treatment program. Now I am not only totally recovered from my back pain, neck pain and breathing problems, but also the holistic approach in treatment programs provided here helped me to reach my mind-body in excellent well being. ..it was like a home away from home.. And I am of course going to back next year. It is great opportunities to care about my health.

Галина Тарасова

Yoginder Sharma, India.

I received 15 days holistic healing treatment at MarmmaYogi from 13 Jul to 29 Jul 2016. My battered body (from war injuries, including a game-leg, since 1971 war) has borne chronic skeleto-muscular and neuro-pathic pains for years. This treatment has given me remarkable relief thus far- hopefully it will sustain, substantially if not fully!

Yoginder Sharma
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